Newsletter of the Amsterdam Bakelite Collection, September 2015
Rosalijn van IJken
Welcome to the summer edition
of our 2015 newsletter.

Mr. Baekeland’s Lab Stand

Ms. Rosalijn van IJken, a talented metal conservator applied her refined skills to authentic lab equipment, used by Leo Baekeland himself. Our collection includes related objects produced not only in Bakelite but also in materials, such as wood, glass or metal. With Ms. van IJken’s special cooperation, through her extraordinary process, we continue to achieve our goal of maintaining them in the best possible condition. Our lab stand was donated by Mrs. Jane Metzger of Yonkers, NY. 




May, United States / The Netherlands
Well-known author Mrs. Andrea DiNoto visited our Amsterdam Bakelite Collection, accompanied by her husband Mr. Frank Farnham. Mrs. DiNoto wrote one of the most important books about the influence of modern as well historical plastics in daily life: Art Plastic, Designed for Living (Abbeville Press, 1984).  From her personal archives she brought us a rare 1923 Bakelite Company booklet and a signed copy of Plastics History U.S.A. by J. Harry Dubois (Cahners Books, 1972). We are grateful for these generous donations.

June, France
A postcard, dating from the  1930s, of the French Bakelite plant La Bakélite at Bebrieres was discovered on eBay France. The resin cooking department was located in this plant, while molding powder production was finished in a second plant near Paris. 

June, The Netherlands
Mr. Ruud C. Hoff, a Dutch collector of Eastman Kodak related objects offered us an original package of Velox photographic printing paper. This paper was invented by Leo Baekeland, who sold it in 1899 to George Eastman for about $ 250,000.

June, The Netherlands
 An interesting collaboration with the Dutch molding company Habatec has led to a gift of several paper bags that were used to pack thermosetting molding compounds. One of them is an original unopened bag filled with 25 Kg Bakelite molding powder, produced by the former German company Bakelite AG.



October, United States /
The Netherlands

Mrs. Pamela L. Myers, Executive Director of the Asheville Art Museum brought sixteen friends of this American museum to visit the Amsterdam Bakelite Collection during a museum tour of the Netherlands and Belgium. The museum’s mission is: To engage, enlighten and inspire individuals and to enrich community through dynamic experiences in American Art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

October, Germany
Participation Forum Plastics Heritage
This interdisciplinary forum, took place at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin, where 131 participants from 12 countries, attended 26 lectures on a variety of topics including: Plastics museums and collections; the Material history of plastics; Plastics in art and design; Conservation of and with plastics; and Bioplastics yesterday and today.
Mrs. Sylvia Katz, plastics and design specialist and Mr. Hans Ulrich Kölsch, founder of the German Kölsch Collection.

Connecting knowledge: Some not so well considered facts about ageing of plastics in audiovisual media Nadja Wallaszkovits, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria

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