Amsterdam Bakelite Collection


Visitors’ comments on the exhibition

Mrs. Cathy Buggenhout, Consul General of Belgium in Shanghai

"This is a truly impressive collection of bakelite objects, reflecting over a hundred years of use of this material invented by Belgian born Leo Baekeland. From daily to industrial use of bakelite, Reindert Groot's collection shows it all in this exhibition.”

YiLei, Gao, Student at Shanghai Institute of Technology

"The show is completely interesting and memorable! I definitely broaden my horizon. I can still memorize the collection, such as the various cars, boats, radios, colourful molded shapes, the molds for eggs, diversified old clocks and so so on…"

Mr. Peter Potman, Consul General of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Shanghai

"Together with my Belgian colleague Cathy Buggenhout I visited an interesting exhibition today at a composite materials fair in Shanghai, where we saw a beautiful collection of bakelite objects of the Amsterdam collector Reindert Groot. What I did not know is that Bakelite (you all know even the old black telephone) was invented by a Belgian engineer, Leo Baekeland. Hence this Belgian-Dutch combine!"