Amsterdam Bakelite Collection



Tübaki GEPRESSTE BAKELITE - GEGENSTÄNDE, 37/I. - F. Tütemann, Lüdenscheid, Germany
Product sheet, printed on both sides. Dimensions 29.7 x 21.5 cm. Edition 1937.



The left-hand sheet depicts furniture fittings, consisting mainly of button pulls for cabinet doors and curtain cords, key strike plates, and carpet protectors. All objects have a product number, whether or not with a size indication.

Shown on the right-hand sheet are larger products, such as door and drawer handles; one of which contains a compartment for labels. All of these objects are made of Bakelite (phenol-formaldehyde).

It is striking to note that these ordinary utensils, used routinely by millions of people, has significantly reduced the use of wood and metal. This is true not only in Germany, where Leo Baekeland founded his first bakelite factory in 1910 but throughout the world. What a revolution!

The factory was founded by Mr. F. Tütemann in 1873 and still operates as a family business.  Today, they produce furniture fittings and key accessories.


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